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Drug Dispensing

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M&V San Jose Medical Center - Urgent Care is a great solution for many non-life-threatening conditions, including:

At M&V San Jose Medical Center we are pleased to offer in-office dispensing of medications, ensuring the patients receive their prescription drugs as quickly and cost efficient as possible. In office medication dispensing is the preparation and distribution of prescription medications at the point of care. As a result, patients can receive their medication right in the doctor’s office to provide a safe and cost-effective alternative to pharmacies. In office prescription drug dispensing has brought a solution for many common dilemmas for both patients and providers. The benefits of having an in-office medication dispensing system are numerous.

    What Makes In-Office Prescription Drug Dispensing Convenient?

    The greatest benefit to in-office medication dispensing is patients do not have to make an extra trip to the pharmacy. If you have been to a local retail pharmacy lately, then you are aware of the long lines, increased cost, and potential dilemmas patients face.

      Pharmacists are not always readily available to provide consultation, adding to wait time for patients. There can also be a delay in the prescription being received on the pharmacy end, adding stress for all involved in trying to get it processed for the patient.

        When patients can receive the medication at the doctor’s office, it saves them significant time and stress. In the long term, it results in less time wasted for providers, and they do not have to concern themselves with processing errors on the pharmacy side.

          When patients feel very ill or are in pain, they must receive their medication as quickly as possible. In-office dispensing ensures they receive what they need so they can ultimately feel better. In turn, this improves outcomes for both patients and providers.

            How Does Onsite Prescription Medication Dispensing Improve Compliance?

            On occasion, patients do not pick up their medication at pharmacies due to the inconvenience. Sometimes patients end up not receiving the necessary medication.

              With in-office dispensing, staff can not only communicate the importance of the prescribed medication, but they can get it into the hands of their patients at the point of care allowing them to start their treatment faster. Patients will be more likely to adhere to recommendations if it is convenient for them.

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